Running a young person at work through the Leisure Suit Larry age gate questions for the first time.

Me, going to the hairdresser: Don't make small talk with me, don't make small talk with me, don't make... dammit, let's get this over with.

Sam stood up, said "I want Mama," crossed his room, pointed at me, said "You are nothing!" and then left.

Teenagers, am I right?

Sam made me build a laptop out of DUPLO so I could pretend to video chat with my friends.

I wonder how many of my interviews are full of random ":w" commands sprinkled in with the answers?

My hairdresser (from the city) just yelled hello from a passing 4WD (near home).

Melbourne Cup? More like Melbourne Nup, amirite?

Just booked studio time for my annual Christmas record. It will be all Burl Ives this time.

I thought I knew tired, and then we hosted a toddler’s birthday party.

Body: "4 day weekend, huh?"
Me: "Yeah, so?"
Body: "What's the time?"
Me: "Huh?"
Germs: "It's time to get ill!"

Sam: "I'm very angry!"
Me: "Why are you angry?"
Sam: "Because I don't want you to talk."
Me: "Oh."
Sam, taking apart LEGO: "I broke your whole world."

“I’m growing,” said Sam matter-of-factly, taking a sip of his babyccino.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.